The Failed Inventions comic group is brand new and brings with it a universe of unique locations, heroes, and villains. Each of these characters appear in Time Rejects: The Ghosts of RealityComic book characters have made up world-wide pop culture for decades. With an endless presentation of super hero comic movies flooding the market these days, my first goal was to present an alternative.


The second goal is to bring comics back to quality story telling. Our characters are authentic, relatable, and are in a book because they advance the story forward. So without further explanation here are the cast of players.



Comic Book Characters

First, ask yourself this question. If you came face-to-face with inexplicable daily events, how would your worldview change?  Second, are you afraid of ghosts? If strange, hostile visitors from other worlds came to conquer Earth, what would do to protect those around you? Hence, these are the trials our characters must face. Consequently, as the reader, you have signed on to this trip into mystery as well. Excellent choice, my friends.

Come back to this page as the roster of actors increases as we explore new worlds in this sci-fi odyssey. Then cheer on the ones who inspire you and throw shade at the villains fighting to grasp at a foothold of power. But afterward, hold tight because everything is at seems within these pages. Some players may surprise you with their intentions. Every panel holds a clue to the true nature of this group.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in his masterpiece, Self-Reliance, “Its the not the Destination, It’s the journey.” An incredible event displaces several key characters within our first issue. Even if they survive, will they ever be the same?