Creature Builders Unmasked

Let’s talk about Creature Builders Unmasked. Almost everyone knows at least one eccentric person. Like that neighbor who goes overboard when decorating for Halloween. You know the one.

For a time, that guy was me.

Creature Builders unmasked shares the stories of a home Halloween props maker who made the leap into business. I fabricated and sold statues to haunted attractions all over the country and abroad. But, like most hobbies turned business, there were interesting challenges. I covered in this in the introduction video of Failed Inventions channel.

Let me tell you, each request was often stranger than the last. I custom built many kinds of characters, including a Mandalorian, Wendigo and a couple of zombified football teams.

Some things went as planned. But far more often than not. Not so much.

This festive new web series goes behind the scenes and looks at the problems and solutions behind multiple monster builds. I will reveal many tips and techniques along the way. Making props that needed to endure harsh Midwest elements required a great deal of indignity. Here are some of the key topics for upcoming episodes.

  • Monster Statue Building
  • Sculpting
  • Mold Making
  • Painting/Airbrushing
  • Concept Art
  • Promotion

For crafters and observers alike, Creature Builders Unmasked episodes are sure to entertain. Coming this fall to YouTube
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